Where the runway meets the street

When it comes to denim usually the US, Japan and also Scandinavia are in the highlight. France is not known for especially good denim, but of course in general for fashion. Atelier La Durance is changing that perception and bringing France into the high end denim game. Over the past couple of years the brand has slowly evolved and very carefully introduces new pieces every season, making sure the brand is heading the right direction. The way they have done that so far we can only appreciate.
Besides their standout denim, they also introduced denim jackets, cashmere v-neck sweaters and zip sweaters and hoodies, that come close in quality the Japanese Loopwheeler. Everything is about quality craftsmanship. When we look at the most recent items by the brand we are most impressed by their denim bags. They introduced two of those, made out of Japanese raw selvedge and premium leathers. Denim bags can go really wrong, which is not the case with these ones by Atelier La Durance – they show how it’s done!
Check out after the jump everything exciting by Atelier La Durance besides their denim – the clothing and the accessories.

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