Located in the heart of Minnesota, Battle Lake Outdoors is dedicated to crafting the highest quality packs and bags for you, the customer. A family-owned business, they have built their reputation on this quality and on the finest in customer service.
Now Garbstore got together with Battle Lake Outdoors, for their first collaboration, on some backpacks.
Garbstore, Ian Paley’s new clothing line is in actual fact a three dimensional creative exercise compromising the men’s wear clothing line, a store as well as the Garbstore website. Ian Paley is the founder & designer of seminal British label One True Saxon, Senior Designer for Paul Smith Jeans, Red-Ear, R.Newbold and Thomas Burberry & Levi’s Strauss. Garbstore aspires to be and draws its influence from what can be coined unfamiliar Vintage. The Vintage references are both obvious and subliminal. This menswear Collection is based on Ian’s passion for casual clothing started to be produced after the Second World War with a more formal quality than before. The sensation of finding dead stock perfect vintage clothing and include some vintage parts or reference points, is one of his rules. All products are made using only vintage union machines and are in terms of their fit reproductions from genuine vintage clothing.
The principles of Garbstore lead them to work with Battle Lake Outdoors to create a series of perfectly crafted, high quality backpacks in a series of colorways. Garbstore will open their London store mid Fall and will launch their website in a couple of weeks. Thus here already a first taste of what there is to come. We are already excited to see where the brand is going and will definitely keep you posted on its progress.
Check out the other colorways of this collaboration after the jump.

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