Boxfresh and Raleigh have teamed up to create a limited edition Boxfresh Burner to
celebrate the launch of the 25th Anniversary Team Aero Pro. The frame is a full cromo 99.9% replica ofthe original tange frame. Black skyways, tear drop polka dot design, royal and emerald colour brake cables, and 80’s rad pads! Exact spec and details of the bike will be available soon.
The Raleigh bike company was formed in 1890 in Nottingham. Raleigh launched its original red hot “Burner” BMX range in 1982. The choice of the streets and a real performer on the track, by 1984 it had become the outstanding success story of the company, selling half a million in less than two years.
30 Limited Boxfresh Burners from a production run of 100 will be available August 2007 and Boxfresh Covent Garden flagship store, 13 Shorts Garden. Retail price £249.99.
Also we can already give you a little preview of the Boxfresh x Raleigh Fixed Gear bike that will be released for Spring 2008. Check that out after the jump.

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