You’ve seen him patrolling the blogs for the last few months and now he’s ready to consume. Murko!™ is hitting the shelves of your favorite retailers this weekend and pushing all of the other toys off the shelf. This PVC injection-molded figurine stands 5 inches tall and features movable arms, hands, and feet. This release features the first 2 colorways of Murko!™: the main colorway portrays him in all his snarling glory wearing a tee claiming his affiliation with the 10.Deep gang, the midnight colorway gives us an all black Murko with glow-in-the-dark eyes and teeth, and a tee that flaunts his political stance.
Produced in limited quantities, Murko!™ will be available at the 10.Spot, 10.Deep’s web shop, this Friday, August 17th, at 12 Noon EST. He will also be available at your local 10.Deep retailers and select premium toy shops this weekend – call for availability.

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