Where the runway meets the street

Crafted by the creative heads at two of fashion’s finest English clothing institutions, ONETrueSaxon have teamed up with streetwear label Addict and what has transpired is a truly unique camouflage design, which reflects the heritage of both brands.
Taking the iconic Addict Swift Camo, created by legendary typographic artist Swifty, a bespoke customised version of the pattern contains the discreet addition of the classic ONETrueSaxon dog so masterfully achieved that it would be almost unrecognisable to the untrained eye.
The main focus of this collaboration is the limited edition Cats and Dogs hi-tech Toray jacket, swiping influences directly from the terraces, produced of full diamond ripstop fabric with fully-taped seems, wired hoods and multi fasten pockets.
Dual limited edition tees, one by ONETrueSaxon and one by Addict featuring the Dog and Knight logos blended with this most esteemed of camouflage, complement this fine collaboration. Each piece comes packaged in an exclusive collaborative box, which is always a bonus for selling them on eBay!!!
Check out detailed pictures of both pieces after the jump.

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