Last week we passed by the Alife LA store for the first time. It is almost unreal how they kept this covered until the last minute. The concept is once again ground-breaking and well translated into a retail concept. Very refreshing what Alife did in LA once again.
The store is made like a walk-through shop window. All product hangs behind glass on the wall, you choose what you want and they bring it to you. They took the concept until the end, as even the cashier is like a cinema box office behind a glass window. Also they brought back lots of great products that were sold out everywhere else. From the Puma x Alife First Round, old Alife t-shirts, Adidas x Alife collaboration, Reebok x Alife collaboration to a lot more – it’s all there. Pics via Elijah.
Check out many more pics of the store after the jump.

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