Where the runway meets the street

The skateboarders from the Ready Amongst Willing camp are about to release the second full installment of their 2007 RAW collection. Pictured here are two pieces entitled God Bless Skateboarding and Cut Your Losses. God Bless Skateboarding is a reissued item from the original 2006 collection. Cut Your Losses is a new graphic featuring the fine art work of Ryan Lombardi from Enamel Kingdom. It deals with the importance of discarding people from one’s life who lack the value of loyalty. The new RAW collection will be available at finer retailers such as The Re-Up, Concepts, Concrete, Politics, MIA and FTC. Know the Ledge Volume 2, featuring the skateboarding of Nate Keegan, John Wisdom, Gavin Macmahon-Nolan, Andrew McGraw, Tommy Wisdom and a host of other talent, will be released via in September.
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