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The Big Geezers Tour 2007 – a Carhartt paint trip through Scandinavia and East Europe. Eight respected artists are hitting the road in a giant night liner to join forces and spread love, peace and friendship across the cities: Microbo (Italy), Joska (Germany), Jeremy Fish (USA), Wayne Horse (Netherlands), Bo 130 (Italy), The London Police (UK), Galo (Italy) and Will Barras (UK) – all part of the Big Geezers family.

In the last years Carhartt has supported and worked closely with many artists and therefore it seems natural to pay tribute to the Big Geezers and initiate this one time road trip. After the Tour D’Amour last summer through South Europe, Carhartt now discovers the North and the East: Copenhagen, Oslo, Warsaw, Budapest, Vienna, and Bratislava – 6 Stops and 5500km in 3 weeks.

The term “Big Geezers” stands for a group of artists doing something together. Originally the idea comes from Chaz, the man behind the London Police. He is the one uniting all the Big Geezers to one force – in this case a paint trip.
Not only do all participating artists contribute their artworks at each location, they also created a Carhartt Big Geezers Clothing collection, that consists of t-shirts, hoodies, sticker bags and some other pieces. We present you here the complete collection, something you do not want to miss out on.
Check out the Big Geezers Collection after the jump.

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