Where the runway meets the street

Penfield is getting stronger and stronger every season. Their own collection and especially their collaborations with Stussy, Maharishi and others have become favorites for many. Next in line to have worked with them is Alife NYC.
Penfield and Alife got together for a collaboration on the Penfield Walkabout down jacket. As usual Alife picked out a company to work with, that is best at creating outdoor gear and have added their own flair to the piece. The Penfield x Alife Walkabout jackets come in three colorways – black, purple and red. Actually to be precise the collaboration has been done with the Alife Rivington Club label (the Alife sneaker boutique), as indicated on the jacket’s chest label.
The jackets will find their way into premium boutiques around the globe in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes open. After the jump detailed pictures of all three jackets.

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