Where form meets function

Once again Mekanism presents an outstanding new project and this time gave carte blanche to German painter Albert Oehlen. Even though we have seen other artist collaboration projects by Mekanism, this project is a new approach. Albert Oehlen since the beginning of his career tries to question our conception of beauty and ugliness, which you can see in all of his paintings, collages and images.
For this project with Mekanism, the artist painted a skull with a pig nose onto 50 skateboard decks. After using severl stencils for the general form of the skull, the rest including the details and the nose have been handpainted, making each deck unique.
This project is an edition of 50 handpainted skabteboard decks. Each is original and unique and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, signed and numbered by Albert Oehlen.
The boards will be released September 12th. Check out detailed pictures after the jump.

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