This project between Evil Monito and Kangol has been in the air for a while and now that we are getting close to the release, we can finally show you the impressive product that is coming out of this collaboration.
Rickey Kim is a native of Los Angeles and the first from his Korean family to be born in America. As a student at UCSD, Rickey founded Evil Monito [EM] – – an online magazine rooted in the goal of “Deconstructing Pop Culture” through theoretical means. Evil Monito, in its six year existence, has become recognized as a worldwide phenomenon, with readership numbering in the millions. Currently he handles multiple hustles and is the Creative Director of Riottt. Most recently Rickey has established the Evil Monito Studio, a creative consulting agency.
Rickey Kim used this project as a platform to be creative and honest with his emotions and to work through his past, specifically the relationship with his father. The two hats that were created in this project carry many details that express Mr. Kim’s emotional path.
The project consists of overall two hats – a Cabby and a Fedora. The Classic Cabby model was revisited utilizing British Millerain Wax Cotton, the classic royal hunting fabric that has been used over ages in Great Britain. This fabric was chosen as an homage to Kangol’s traditional British roots. The Felt Fedora model did not exist in the Kangol hat range. This hat was created from the ground up assigning a classic hat manufacturer in Pennsylvania. This silhouette is classic in every shape and form. The hat is made of water resistant felt and is crushable (meaning you may touch the hat in different shapes and it will still retain its form).
Each hat is lined with satin lining that was custom created from a graphic layout of photo montages of Evil Monito founder – Rickey Kim’s family images. In the center of the hat is a classic crest that Mr. Kim designed along with his last name “Kim” written in Korean calligraphy. This is the first time in Kangol’s 70 year history, that it has embraced such a personal story of the Korean American journey. This particular project with Mr. Kim/Evil Monito follows an already impressive lineup of such collaborative work that Kangol has conducted this year thus far:  Junya Watanabe/Comme Des Garcons, WESC We Are The Superlative Conspiracy and Hiroshi Fujiwara/Fragment Design.
Now you should have enough background knowledge on the project. Head on after the jump to check out both hats in detail.

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