Where the runway meets the street

In4mation has steadily evolved and grown from one store to several and further more also grown their in-store brand into a brand that can easily compete with the rest of the market. This year In4mation introduced for the first time cut & sew pieces into their collection with hoodies, denim and some technical jackets. Building on these previous seasons, In4mation presents an even more sophisticated Fall 2007 collection.
Today we present you the t-shirts of the collection and later this week the most extensive cut & sew the brand has ever released. The Fall 2007 collection consists of many strong and smart graphics. Many times one has to have a closer look in order to really understand the message behind the tee and one realizes the smart translation into design. At the same time the brand does not become too serious and sometimes uses in an almost ironic way very colorful design on a serious message.
The In4mation Fall 2007 collection is being delivered to stores worldwide this week, so keep your eyes open as you can soon get your hands on it. After the jump a complete look at their Fall 2007 t-shirts.

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