From the ground up

JB Classics got together with NYC Lase – Da Movement, on a very special joint project, that does not only result in some hot sneakers, but also has a good cause. Da Zebras by JB Classics and NYC Lase, are exclusively designed for Da Movement. Only 25 pairs will be made, priced at 500 USD per pair. Pre-orders will be taken this coming Friday at Coat of Arms, where for a 50% down payment, you can order the shows and they will make sure you get the perfect size. Da Movement’s debut rocked during NYC’S Fall Fashion Week at Columbus Park and it’s next endeavor is this Friday, where Da Movement invades the L.E.S’s newest clothing store, Coat of Arms.
As you can see, there are plenty of reasons for passing by Coat of Arms this Friday and Da Zebras is one of the best ones. Check out detailed pictures of the sneakers after the jump.

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