Those of you that have not yet come across 20ltd, here is a small introduction. 20ltd is a new kind of online store. They release products in batches of 20 pieces, each designed exclusively for 20ltd and each comes in very limited quantities. Overall the products target the luxury  market, but the fun part is, that they come in all categories. So you can actually find a book, earrings, a t-shirt as well as a motorcycle in the product line-up.
In the latest release Maharishi participated. They created some embroidered lap top sleeves. The embroidery is extensive and of very high quality. The laptop sleeves come in an edition of 50 (25 of each colorway) and are available now at 20ltd. Expect soon a shirt and shorts to arrive with the same design, again exclusively on 20ltd.
Another tip, when you visit the 20ltd website, make sure not to miss the great music section!

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