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Some of you might already have heard or seen this t-shirt, here now some info on it. A while back Plain Gravy released a t-shirt with the slogan “Pharrell Can’t Skate” on it, hinting the involvement of Pharrell with the Ice Cream Skate team and in the streetwear business in general. It was a huge hit.
About 2-3 week ago the “Fujiwara Can’t Ride Fixed” t-shirt turned up. Black t-shirt, same font as the Pharrell one. For some reason it was obvious to most people that it did not come again from Plain Gravy. Only 24 hours after it had been shown to some friends of the designers it actually turned up on the personal blog of Hiroshi Fujiwara on Honeyee. This tee is an ironic take on the hype around fixed gear biking all around the world and Tokyo specifically and Hiroshi Fujiwaras involvement in the scene. It seems like the t-shirt is made by the designer “Hendrie”.

Those of you out there that are interested in purchasing it, The Reed Space in NYC will be offering it soon!

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