Pharmacy Industry also known as PHCY was conceived by young designer Davide Martelli who has quickly become a star among “street couture” brands. After an excellent feedback from accurately selected shops in Italy, Spain, France, Great Britain, United States and Asia he decided to fix the brand’s positioning by opening the first flagship store “PHCY STORE MILANO” in via Vetere 7, milan’s latest nest of young fashion designers, during the smashing milanese fashion week.
Pharmacy Industry, well known for its famous “stars and hexagons” pattern which has been copied over and over, has never jeopardized its integrity despite the massification of many streetstyle labels keeping high quality standards and a persisting research in developing new collections which are exclusively produced in Italy. This past summer Pharmacy also showed at the Capsule Tradeshow in NYC, slowly entering the US market.
A mixture of an atomic bunker and the garage of your personal spaceship where raw concrete and unrefined wood suggest a post-industrial atmosphere inspired at Pharmacy’s latest collection “Sci Fi Fever”. The electric system runs along the walls through all-steel tubes spaced out by industrial switches. The writings on the wall of the mezzanine quote real comments people (fans and not-fans) left on PHCY’s website! The shop’s window is dominated by an impressive missile. The shiny white surface and the PHCY rosette play down it’s dramatic symbolism and emphasize it’s pure aesthetic value.
The store, while featuring lots of cold attributes such as concrete and other industrial features still reflects an overall warm atmosphere. Congratulations to the brand for this impressive move and translation of their company philosophy into a store. It is great seeing brands, that we covered from the very beginning making such big moves. The Hundreds also opened their own flagship store not too long ago and some other brands are following and will be opening their stores this coming year.
Now check out the Pharmacy Industry Store Milan in detail after the jump.

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