Recently we came across a rather new Scandinavian brand, which has an approach to things, that we can very well identify with. Sson is the brand and the name describes the reason for the existence of certain products. In the end the approach of the brand is pretty straight forward – products they make are essential, only include what is really necessary and are well designed in a minimalist Scandinavian way. These principles are reflected in each product of the brand and the product mix is quite extra-ordinary too.
Sson currently offers wool caps, a BMX cruiser and soap. You heard right! They offer a wide variety of wool caps, so you should have no trouble finding the one matching your wardrobe. Their BMX Cruiser 003a comes in white and with a sticker set, so that you can customize it yourself and give it your very own personal touch. Their soap comes in black and white.
Currently Sson caps are available at Caliroots. The bike you can check out after the jump and on their website for stockists.

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