We have come across quite some sneaker jewelry ideas over the past months and to date nothing was really convincing, either because the look was no good or because the mechanism was not well thought through.
Now we came across Ends, a new brand that wants to change the way you wear a hoody, shoes, sneakers, etc. The brand specializes in accessories to put on your laces/straps. We are very impressed by the quality and attention to detail in their work. Their debut collection features pieces in 18k black gold with black diamonds and 24k yellow gold with white diamonds and white diamond bridal. Via Gourmet.

If you are into adding some bling to your outfit, this is definitely as good as it gets, and in a much subtler way than what we see out there so far. Until now none of the other brands could really establish itself in this market, thus it will be interesting to see how Ends will perform. Expect Ends to appear next month at finer stores near you. Also their website will be launching soon. We’ll keep you posted.
Check out more styles by Ends after the jump.

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