Agent Provocateur has tapped the world-renowned font designers and illustrators at House Industries to “tweak the curves and tighten the fit” of its internationally-recognized lingerie brand.
Ten years after creating the original Agent Provocateur logo using an off-the-shelf typeface, the company’s script-style word mark had been “imitated to death,” said founder Joe Corré. He and partner Serena Rees decided it was time to give their visual identity the same level of attention that they give to the smallest lacy detail on each undergarment and to their legendary window displays.
“We needed to move on. House Industries was an obvious choice. I knew they would retain the goodwill we had already developed in the word mark but deliver something authentic and original. I was right,” said Corré. 
Famous for their ability to synthesize cultural and historical elements into their designs, House Industries letterers and illustrators looked to the sinuous contours of traditional English roundhand when they developed the new Agent Provocateur word mark and surrounding features. The result is a classically functional logo that hints of neo-Victorian lasciviousness.
House Industries artists also penned a voluptuous corset shape to contain the swirly AP logotype,  redrew the signature Agent Provocateur lacy legs, and created an exclusive typeface for the company. 
Agent and House share an obsessive attention to detail, whether they’re looking at the subtle curves of a letterform or the delicate stitching on a pair of knickers. While this level of quality and craftsmanship goes unnoticed by many, it makes the difference between a luxury brand and cheap knock-offs, says House Industries co-founder and art director Andy Cruz. 
“When you shop at Agent Provocateur, you expect each tiny detail to be perfect and beautiful, and it is. The same goes for everything in the store, including the company logo and artwork,” says Cruz. “It’s all part of the experience and the authentic package that makes Agent Provocateur the real deal.”

To celebrate the new logo, House Industries and Agent Provocateur have produced a limited-edition derriere-shaped book that tells the story of their collaboration. It comes wearing a pair of AP knickers cross-branded with House Industries’ clothing arm, House33. The limited edition book and knickers ($100) can be purchased online at

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