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Thunderdog Studios and Jamie O’Shea of Supertouch put together a stand-out event coming up at the end of the month: The Beast Within – An Exhibition of Introspective Monster Art. The event is taking place October 30th at The Showroom NYC. Art by Pushead, Ron English, House Industries, Usugrow, Tristan Eaton, Phil Frost, Pete Fowler, 123 Klan and many more outstanding artists is presented at the show.
10.Deep being a sponsor of the event, decided to get together with Pushead on a collaboration. The t-shirt collaboration is limited to 200 pieces worldwide and unless you attend the event your only chance to get your hands on it is after October 30th in the 10.Deep online store. They will be releasing 30 t-shirts online, thus you have to be quick.
After the jump more detailed pictures and information on the t-shirt and the event.

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