Over the past couple of weeks we have played several video trailers introducing a much anticipated project between DC Shoes and JB Classics – the first sneaker-to-sneaker collaboration – Imminent. We see new collaborations every day and the word collaboration is many times being stretched. In this case two befriended brands that appreciate each other got together to create something special.
Both DC Shoes and JB Classics are known for their strong artist collaborations as well as excellent footwear. The two brands coming together and joining forces to create a sneaker had to be something interesting and to look out for. We digged a little deeper and had a talk with Jason from JB Classics, as well Damon, co-founder of DC Shoes, in order to find out how the project came together, what the outcome is and what the process was.
Read the Interview and see for the first time the sneaker, as well as the New Era cap and crewneck sweater that came out of the DC Shoes x JB Classics collaboration.

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