Alta Bikes has been announced a while ago, but until now they did not go on sale. Now 20ltd, the website we reported about earlier already, released their latest 20 limited edition products and the Alta Bike is among them.
Norwegian Alta Bikes is a three-way collaboration between product designers Frost Produkt, furniture designer Norway Says and graphic designers Bleed. The result of this collaboration is an uncompromising 2-wheel purity. Alta One is stripped of all unnecessary equipment and sticks to the essentials. 20ltd is offering this fixed gear bike in submarine grey in a limited edition of 10 pieces. One Alta Bike launches officially you will be able to choose your own color.
In case you are interested in Biomega Bikes, 20ltd have one up right now, a limited edition with raw stitched leather saddle and handlebars.
Check out more pics of the Alta One after the jump.

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