Where the runway meets the street

Johnny Cupcakes and Bobby Hundreds may have grown up on different Coasts, but they both share a drive and vision that has made their brands (Johnny Cupcakes and The Hundreds respectfully) some of the most recognizable in modern day street fashion.
Though they tend to serve different consumer sets, both young men are clearly peers in many respects.

The similarities in the rise of the The Hundreds and Johnny Cupcakes are very apparent: from their respective ages and to their drive to keep moving forward without concern for public acceptance.

Their brands are becoming more and more encompassing with each passing season, with focus on design, cuts, and packaging. Without any formal training in the industry both men have grown their brands into full fledged working business. Their flagship stores in Los Angeles (TH) and Boston (JC) are heavily trafficked stops for their fans and the curious alike.

Jeff Carvalho had the opportunity to sit down and talk to them about their relationship.
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