A couple of days ago we present you the Reebok x John Maeda Timetanium. It was such an interesting project, that we thought we’d have a closer look at it.
The design of the shoe is inspired by Maeda’s “Laws of Simplicity”, looking at 10 different methods of how to simplify things. The code is featured on the lining of the shoe as well as the sock liner. The graphic on the shoe relates to his mathematical code, starting at the complex, colorful design on the heal to a more linear design on the front of the shoe. 
Maeda is truly a Renaissance man- bringing together the worlds of art and science in a very meaningful and powerful way. Maeda is a innovator in the world of motion graphics, and embodies Reebok’s core brand values of celebrating individuality and authenticity.
Here below you find a video with the artist explaining the sneakers, the idea and the process. After the jump some more images of the sneaker. It will be released in a limited edition of 100 pieces, on the RBK Custom page.

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