Where form meets function

Dr. Romanelli and Andrew Brandou will be showcasing their latest Surgical Strike Collection and paintings at London’s Maharishi starting November 22nd.
“Working together in a military theme, the pair has each created a passionate body of work meditating on the culture of war from uniquely different angles. Inspired by his love of vintage military garments, Romanelli has taken a wide range of iconic uniform pieces from several countries and reimagined them as high-end luxury apparel far removed from their original utilitarian purposes. Meanwhile, painter Andrew Brandou has created a new series of works reinvisioning the world of legendary wildlife artist John James Audobon as populated by a new breed of fashion-conscious and heavily armed animals.” Via Supertouch.
The pieces created by Dr. Romanelli in this collection are simply stunning, as they are not only superior quality, but each piece also tells a story. That mixed with the artwork of Andrew Brandou makes an exciting exhibition that you should not miss.
Check out Dr. Romanelli’s pieces after the jump.

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