“The New Royalty”: It is a bold statement from a line as young as 3sixteen. The term is not one of ego but more of an ideal that pushes the idea that royalty, nobility, success… really belongs to those who are creative, innovative, excellent in whatever it is they do.

King Lear once said to his daughter Cordelia “Nothing will come of nothing”. The same holds true for anyone out in the world looking to make their space, their time on a playing field filled with a bounty of undecipherable messages. More often than not, these are messages that have a life span as short as the clothing designs they represent.

3sixteen plans to supersede said outcome. Though their cut and sew offering is small today, they’re relying on the power of remaining understated in design and focusing heavily on the longevity of wear to remain relevant. Their apparel over the last season has shown an emphasis in remaining staples in everyday wearability.

Johan Lam from 3sixteen spoke with us on some of these points. Also we present you part of their Fall/Winter 2007 collection.
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