From the ground up

Japanese brand Flaph now got together with Reebok for an extensive collaboration on the NPC Pump and the Work Out. The 6 collaboration models have just landed at Cueve and will be released November 26th.

The NPC Pump comes in two colorways. Always with the base being white, it comes in blue and purple, in both cases in premium suede. The gum outersole and soft inner linings are a nice finishing.
The brand worked on both the Work Out and the Work Out Premium. The Work Out comes in white/blue and white/red, overall definitely looking like a sports shoe. The Work Out Premium comes in black and white, with the entire upper being covered in patent leather.
It’s nice to see Reebok being back on the radar. We are definitely looking forward to seeing what they have to offer next year and if they manage to come back strong.
Until then, check out the Flaphx Reebok Work Out and Work Out Premium in detail afte the jump.

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