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We present you here the Leroy Jenkins Holiday 2007 collection. The brand has had from day 1 their very own style, uncomparable to other brands out there. They made a name for themselves with all-over print flower hoodies with polka dot inner linings. Soon after lots of other brands introduced very similar product. Along with the trends this year, Leroy Jenkins also slowed down a little and now presents a much more subtle collection, at least compared to what we are used from them.
The Holiday 2007 collection consists of t-shirts, hoodies, crewneck sweaters, jackets, shoes, denim, caps and more. The Royal Elastics collaboration sneakers are part of it, as well as the already iconic Estate LA flower caps. The stand-out piece is for sure the M-65 jacket with satin lining.
Expect the new collection to hit stores in the coming weeks. After the jump a detailed look at all the pieces.

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