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Stussy just released an interesting new series of t-shirts – the Mascots & Mugs series.
“When you think of old school graffiti, you immediately think of New York City and subway cars. The two go hand in hand. While there has been books focusing on subway graffiti, there has never been one focusing on the cartoon characters that adorned those famous trains. Mascots & Mugs: The Characters and Cartoons of Subway Graffiti (Testify Books) is the first book to explore this overlooked art form. Written by Todd James and David Villorente, Mascots & Mugs not only gives a history lesson about one of the most important eras in graffiti, it also provides insight about famed characters drawn by masters such as Stay High 149, Cliff 170 and Mode 2. The authors Todd James and David Villorente answer some questions about working on the book…” Via Stussy.
The t-shirt series carries some of the most famous characters to ever be drawn onto subway cars. They are now available at Stussy Direct.
After the jump the rest of the series.

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