Medicom announced over the weekend a massive line-up of Bearbricks that will be hitting stores over the coming months. Here we give you a look at the more special pieces that you should be looking out for.
For Valentines Day 2008, they will be releasing a set of Bearbricks, business as usual. There will be a 100% & 400% ResonateGoodenough Bearbrick set. Pepsi got together with Medicom and Nex Fox to release a series of movie inspired Bearbricks, one for each f the following movies: Fight Club, Alien, The Day After Tomorrow, The Devil Wears Prada, Titanic, 24, Prison Break, Predator, Die Hard, Planet Of The Apes, Night At The Museum and The Omen. Also there will be a new 1000% Mastermind Bearbrick, Royal Order and Queens East Bearbricks and a lot more!
Check out a preview of these after the jump.

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