Vane developed a new version of the “We Are All Vane” Pendant. 

“This jewelry piece is def pretty controversial, but fun.  The partner’s in Vane are all different religions, so that got us to thinking about dudes rocking crosses and things like that.  The piece is a combination of three major religion’s symbols: Islam, Christianity, and Judaism.  This piece is def one of our favorites because it describes city life so well – many different ethnicities, religions, cultures, and ideas all living together. Vane def thinks that the world loses sight of the fact that we are all equal and can coexist.”
The pendant comes in three different finishes – gun metal plated, brass plated, and silver plated.  All the pieces are made of pewter.  The pewter pieces sell for $85.  They also created a sterling silver version, which sells for $1200. The piece was carved by hand in silver and then lost cast molded – this gives it a unique feel.  The piece is 100% made in New York like all Vane goods.  The pendant comes on a great 36 inch brass rope chain.
Expect soon a preview of the Vane Fall/Winter ’07 collection as well. After the jump detailed pictures of all versions of the pendant.

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