Where the runway meets the street

The new Triumvir Holiday 2007 collection is about to land in stores, so we give you a preview here of some of the more special pieces. The brand has taken a new route since this past summer, has matured and moved heavily into cut & sew. Both the cut & sew pieces, as well as t-shirt graphics are very solid now.
Here we present you three signature pieces out of the Holiday line. The Polka Dot Button Up is one of the nicest pieces. From the matte black rivets to the Crack Skull embroidery- this tailored dress shirt is not your typical button up. Polka-dots don’t usually connote elegance but the sophisticated fit gives the edginess a sense of maturity and the lean silhouette can be refined enough to wear in the evening. The matte black rivets read “FUCK YOUR CLIQUE”, a slogan first introduced this last spring. The hoodie is a basic slim fitted hood with a three button v-neck opening. Featuring the Art of Legendary 1950’s American Pin-UP Artist, Gil Elvgren, they present two t-shirts incorporating it. Part two of three official collaboration series.
Check out all pieces in detail after the jump.

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