From the ground up

Here you see one of the latest releases out of the Visvim G. Line (US only collection). The Skynyrd Ring Moccasin comes in three colorways –  silver,  black and white. The longtime Visvim fan will probably not appreciate most of the G. Line, due to its louder character. Quality is of course also on this line very good, but the colorways and styles are much more extreme. We also don’t know what to really think about it. Some we enjoy, others not at all. In many cases, it seems like people do want something a bit more special for shoes in this price category and these silver moccasins are definitely special. We are not even sure, if we enjoy the “Gucci like” strap so much?! Well, make up your own mind about these, as we all know, tastes differ. Pics via Conope.
After the jump you can check out the two more subtle colorways of the shoe.

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