There came a moment just over a year ago when the Dita crew met one of their “Design Heroes.” Sitting in front of them in Paris was Mr. Cari Zalloni, the designer/creator of Cazal Eyewear. It was that fateful meeting that sealed their determination to do a project together.

The Cazal 902 has always been one of Dita’s favorite vintage frames. So instead of just incorporating elements of that frame into their own design they pitched the idea to Cazal to re-produce a very limited run of the 902 with a touch of Dita style in the design.After one year of negotiations and in-depth discussions between the two companies an agreement was reached that would allow Dita Eyewear to re-release the Cazal 902 exclusively through Dita’s distribution channels. While Cazal began working on re-creating the tooling at their production facility in Germany, Dita developed four custom color-ways including a very unique packaging program for the release.A deep respect and admiration for quality, design and production has for the first time, brought two independent eyewear companies together to collaborate on a project that promises to be truly exciting.Dita Eyewear is honored to announce the RE-RELEASE of the Cazal 902 in very limited and exclusive Dita color-ways.

Available worldwide as of February 22nd, 2008. Check out all colorways of the Dita x Cazal 902 after the jump.

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