Most of you should know Cheap Monday, the Swedish denim label, that set itself apart in the denim market by offering low priced denim, in a market dominated by very expensive denim. They placed themselves in premium boutiques at a price around 25% of all the other labels.

Already a while ago we heard that the folks behind the brand would set up several brands, with each brand name having a day of the week in it. They already operate Cheap Monday and two stores in Sweden, Weekend (only open Saturday and Sunday) and Weekday (only open Monday to Friday).

Now they introduce their latest label, Sunday Sun. Sunday Sun is the “upscale sibling to Swedish denim brand Cheap Monday”, as puts it. The collection consists of button-down shirts and sweaters, the flagship product being the raw denim, that will start at around 150 USD retail price. Even though the brand is more expensive than Cheap Monday, prices still seem to be reasonable. We cannot wait to get a live look at the line. In NYC the Den carries it.

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