Where the runway meets the street

The London Police started when a few English geezers headed to Amsterdam in 1998 and started rejuvenating the visually disappointing streets of the drug capital of the world. The characters known simply as “LADS” soon held iconic presence in the city.
From 2002 onward, The London Police started sending missionaries into all corners of the globe and soon there were LADS on the streets and in shows in many World cities, including London, Manchester, Brussels, Barcelona, Berlin, Munich, Milan, Torino, Copenhagen, New York, Los Angeles and Tokyo.
In this latest artist collaboration, Oakley offers more than a signature sunglass – in extremely limited quantity, Oakley is introducing The London Police Artist Series Collector Pack, featuring a GASCAN sunglass, CROWBAR goggle and custom hoodie, all in a zippered case – each piece featuring artwork by The London Police.
Retail price on this pack is $500 US. The London Police GASCAN will be sold outside of the pack for a retail price of $170 US. Check those out in more detail after the jump.

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