As most of you should know by now, Crooks & Castles has opened last week their firs flagship store, on Melrose in Los Angeles. Over the past couple of years the brand has built an equity and brand image like almost no other brand in our market. A flagship store was the obvious next step and they did an incredible job with it.
Marble floors, light white shelfing, glass vitrines with Crooks & Castles jewelry and satin scarfs. The whole environment and design just works and could not communicate the brand any better. The second floor houses a books and toy section with a sit-down area to hang out. The concrete walls also go perfectly with the white walls and the furniture, giving the store a modern look. We are really impressed and can without a doubt say, that it is the most impressive brand store to date, that we have come across recently.
Thanks to The Hundreds we can all have a deep look inside the store. Check out the pics after the jump.

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