Exciting news are coming from 10.Deep today. The NYC brand introduces this season a second label, Division Garment Supply.
Designer Scott Sasso, describes the label the following way… “The Garment Supply stuff is about better quality- a unique product that has personality and sophistication. The aesthetic is a bit more minimalist, but the fits are very similar to what you’ve found from 10.Deep in the last two seasons… I’m designing Division for the guy who has been a 10.Deep customer for the last 4 or 5 years who is now looking for something more fashion-oriented, but with a point of view that isn’t a 180% turn from the brands he’s identified with.” (Interview with Scott Sasso here)
In their first season they offer denim, fleeces with subtle embroideries, some t-shirts, knitwear and a baseball jacket. Branding is kept to the minimal. We are very pleased to see this new collection, it’s something that the market needed and a meaningful separation from the 10.Deep line. Something to look out for.
Commonwealth is the exclusive online retailer of this new collection and has the Fall/Winter ’07 collection in stock now! More pics after the jump.

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