Lately it is interesting to watch some of the classic sports brands re-appear. In general if you look at the sports goods sector, the success did not really come with innovation but rather revival of the classics. If you look at the giants in the market such as Nike, Adidas, Puma – in recent years we see hundreds of re-releases of shoes that first came out 15-25 years ago. Nike is running a vintage campaign for basically every sneaker that they designed prior to 1990. Adidas and Puma is no different. With the huge success of these brands with “old” remixed product, it only seems to make sense that sports brands that used to be big should go for a comeback. Exactly that is happening right now.

Starter (now part of Nike) is planning a massive campaign for 2008. Reebok, which lost so much over the years is slowly fighting its way back. The biggest comeback in recent years probably came from Converse. Champion is also working hard to establish itself again. They are right now running the “See How You Play” campaign with ads appearing in Vogue and InStyle. Champion in Vogue? Yes, you heard right.

Anyways, here below you see a video from the new Champion campaign. It is a very interesting market to watch. How long will these brands be able to succeed with “old” product, and when does the consumer finally step in and demand exciting new innovation. We think 2008/09 will be an interesting time in this market!

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