Some Bling for men is in our age nothing really new, but in most cases we still come across it in the rap and celebrity world. Harry Winston wants to change that from now on. The luxury jeweler started working with designer Thom Browne (in our opinion one of the most outstanding designers at the moment) to create their first mens jewelry collection.

“The Harry Winston Men range sees Browne and Winston employ the jeweller’s trademark innovative designs, whilst producing diamond and platinum pieces that redefine the parameters of men’s fashion… Describing the overall theme for the range as ‘Ivy-league inspired’, Browne’s unique collection incorporates cuff links, rings, tie bars and limited edition watches, all of which are luxuriously understated.” Via Wallpaper.

Let’s see if their idea will work out. We can still not see ourselves walking down the road with a diamond encrusted ring. The only and most important jewelry for a men should be a watch and that’s it. But that’s just our opinion!

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