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Today we  present you a new label, FAM, which presents with its first season a series of artist designed t-shirts around the music theme.
“FAM is a new label that represents our Family and the way we come together to breath life into the products we make. With our passion for creativity, FAM brings to the world a new line that takes pride in the time, talent, and detail that goes into every single item produced under the brand. Since this apparel represents our individual personal styles, they in turn become an extension of our family branches. We want to share our vision and products to all, making each and everyone one of our supports a part of our ever growing family.”
Three artists were invited to come up with a design that shows how music inspires their design work. These three artists include Stephen Holding (New York), Jeff Hamada (Vancouver), and MC Yan (Hong Kong). The main objective was to see how each artist from a different part of the world would interpret a concept revolving around this theme and their ways of executing it. At the end, this project enables each artist to show how their designs can show similarities and differences within their personal style.
Each artist contributed one design, thus the first collection consists of overall three designs each coming on a black and a white t-shirt. FAM will be available at The Reed Space (NYC), St. Alfred (Chicago), Subdivision (Vancouver), Bodega (Boston) and Headquarter (Mexico).
After the jump you can have a look at the other t-shirts of the first season.

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