Invader developed for the past 10 years his graphic universe, made of computer pixel and of one of the most ancient material: mosaic.
Those invasions, meticulously documented & archived, are now a real colorful network around his home city, Paris, but also around the whole world for 40 cities on the 5 continents have already been invaded by the artist.

As a parody of those mapbooks Parisian taxi drivers always carry with them, Invader started a serie of plastic covered Invasion guides to show us what is behind the visible part of his craft.
After Invasion de Paris and Invasion Los Angeles, the third volume, Invasion in the UK is about the invasion of the country ever since 1999 when it started in London to spread to Manchester and Newcastle.

Invasion in the UK is a very personal journey through England’s urban landscape & it presents Invader’s work through hundreds of pictures & archives collected during those 8 years of invading the United Kingdom.
The book is now available at Colette.

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