Number (N)ine has become one of our favorites in recent years. In case you are in NYC or Tokyo, make sure to visit their flagship stores, it’s a real experience. Their upcoming Spring/Summer 2008 collection stays in the grey and black tones and distances itself from graphics. The clothes are in general cut very large and worn very relaxed, also the brand suggest layering in their new collection.

Some outfits work and look good, inspiration as usual comes from the world of rock and Nirvana in particular. But we are a bit disappointed by the collection, because it has no pieces that really stand out, one could almost call it boring. The last collection was much better and more interesting than this one. True Number (N)ine fans will of course still go for it! Our favorite pieces are the ones inspired by the classic duffle coat, which are probably the most special ones.

You can view the complete line here.

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