I am sure we can all name a laundry list of products on the market – commodity items that are necessary in life, that you cannot live without – which simply work… on a mediocre level.

The beloved umbrella has for centuries been one of the most under-engineered products of modern times. Humans simply do not walk out into pouring rain in their right minds and expect for their umbrellas to survive a wind gust of rain.

Well Senz Umbrellas seems to have come up with a solution: an umbrella which will auto-position itself to face the wind, all the while guaranteeing that it will not snap inside out. Innovative? Hells yes.

The Senz comes in a few models: the Original and the Original Mini.

We should also mention that it won the 2007 Red Dot Award. God bless Dutch innovation. Available through the Senz Online Shop.

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