Where the runway meets the street

A collaborative effort by Worldwide and Digital Gravel. When Ivan Jimenez and Nima Navabi met in 2006 they knew something made them similar: Similar tastes and similar effort to build and hustle to run things. 2 years later, both want to make a homage to their hustle by releasing this “Worldwide Marathon” T-Shirt, a tee for hustlers in this game we all play in.

Limited to 150 units worldwide, this tee pays homage to the WORLDWIDE and DIGITAL GRAVEL family all over the world, with a lot of hidden messages all over.
“First, the big year in the front, is 1977, the year Ivan Jimenez, head of WORLDWIDE was born, then the CREAM TEAM is the “Cash Rules Everything Around Me” song from Wu-Tang Clan and their need of money and luxurious life. The “Running things” is the fact of running a brand, a shop, anything you need to make things work, and by “Hustlers Marathon” we all in a  race to get there right? And hey, it doesn’t stop in your city, or in your country, we all travelling all over the world and expanding our thing! The “Established in 2006″ is the first time Ivan and Nima met, to build a hustlers relationship that still lasts.”

On the back of the tee the “Los Angeles-Barcelona” distance from city to city and the logos of both brands.

Produced in Los Angeles and on sale at and in Digital Gravel, aswell as promo for friends and family during Bread and Butter jan08 in Barcelona.

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