Where the runway meets the street

After aNYthing, Off Bowery is the latest project by Aaron the Downtown Don, something many have been waiting for eagerly. Not only does the project include its own clothing collection, but also a store front that we already reported about as well as a series of events that will be starting soon. For now we cannot tell you much, but you can be sure something interesting will flourish out of this latest Downtown NYC movement. Here below the message that Off Bowery started things off with.
“To the communities and the pockets of creativity, the shops who house the products of the underground, and the attitude of those who take matters into
your own hands, Me and my posse been on a hiatus, laying low in the cut, watching the regression. It’s time for us to step back into the light, resurface and retox the
scene with the ‘Brand’s brand’.

Modern day street style evolved from the 70’s Surf/Skate counterculture on the West coast, then the 80’s Graffiti/B-boy subculture on the East coast. In the 90’s the message and culture spread like a virus and met in the middle. In the 2000’s it reached a new plateau with the same elements of the past, now plugged in worldwide with a faster satellite uplink.

The lifestyle has come full circle: THE GENRE IS NOW!

We can be territorial, make claims, and be bitter, or we can welcome new ideas and evolve with the culture. With open arms and open minds we attack like a street gang, which produces hits, inspires and educates.

Stories are told by teachers to pass the content, to build the ideas, and keep the time line growing. As the years go by fast, there needs to be reference points and turning points to attach to the numbers and dates.

The demographic needs participants, we are born spectators. People need to contribute or life will pass them by. My crew are the misfits, the gang that doesn’t care enough to shoot straight. It aint for the money, if that were the case, we would have gotten ‘real’ jobs a long time ago and surrendered to the soulless vampires. We provoke and poke at the establishment. I used to say ‘Us vs. Them’, but in all reality it’s just ‘Us vs. Us’. We’ve got our blinders on, marching forward. Our first album was a hit; the next album will be a cult classic. We are inviting everyone to join our army, our circus, our cult, our lifestyle. Anybody can make an idea come alive, but only few can make an impact! I don’t pitch ideas to the public; I pitch ideas to myself to
convince myself first.

The toughest crowd is our fears and hopes. Once you convince yourself there is no stopping, roadblocks and obstacles are just hurdles to jump to reach the next level. We’re rallying up the troops, top of the food chain and still bottom of the barrel. Dreaming of the underground, becoming living legends of the lifestyles, leaving the comfort zone and learning comfortably within. Mistakes are a dime a dozen, play hard – create harder. We all live and have story’s to tell. The difference is who tells them better. What’s your Story?”

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