Where the runway meets the street

Its not often that we get requests to withhold imagery on the latest and most interesting of new fashion. But who in their right mind would consider not agreeing to be discreet when it involves the men behind Gourmet | NFN?
Sure we have all seen the footwear (which is included in this very post) but not much has been seen of their incredibly well done cut and sew high end line. How high end you ask? We know most of it to be produced in Italy, which holds a special place with the Gourmet fam. Some have even suggested that production is being done in the very same factories producing Dior and NF Purple? Monclair? For now, we dont know for sure, but we might as well toss you a few teasers.
We promise to get the full range of shots just as soon as Jon’s evil eyes stop blaring down on us. Check out Gourmet at
Check out many more teasers and images after the jump.

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