From the ground up

Following the Materials of the World Series, this one is dedicated to the flavors. Cooked up and delivered with the finest ingredients it takes away any sneaker fan’s senses.
February is inspired by Carnival of Venice, a festival symbolized by the wearing of masks. First recorded in 1268, where participants would travel the city incognito. Over the century this habit was prohibited and celebrations more controlled. It was resurrected in the late 1970’s, when a modern mask store began a revival and engaged the nation’s imagination. Visual, traditional elements include paper maché and gold leaf and feather decorations.
The revolutionary Micropacer from 1984 was a quantum jump at its time. Now he’s back with the legendary microcomputer including range finder and pedometer. It’s made of silver smooth leather on the top and has some nice lasering applications.

Black version combining nylon and leather parts with suede applications decently. The heel and insole come with a filigree ornament embroidery. Silhouettes of flying birds are embossed into the side parts. 
The nylon mesh tongue is covered by white leather elements with velcros. One reveals the micro computer, the other one a small pocket. These are now avaialble at Overkill.
Detailed pics after the jump.

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