For the first time ever Arkitip handed the design responsibilities for the issue edition to an outside source. That source being the design trio Wood Wood. Their 44th issue edition also served as the working catalog for the HIGHMATH exhibition that took place last week at the Pool Gallery in Berlin.

Artists that participated in the exhibition were Andrew Schoultz, Chris Lindig, Ed Templeton, Evan Hecox, Cody Hudson, CR Stecyk III, Eric Elms, Gary Benzel, Geoff McFetridge, Jo Jackson, José Parlá, Josh Petherick, Kaws, Killpixie, Michael Leon, Kevin Lyons, Michael Perry, Parra, Phil Frost, Perks, Peter Beste, Peter Sutherland, Richard Colman, Ryan Waller, Shepard Fairey, Todd St. John & Steven Harrington. If you could not make it yet, the exhibition is still running, so go check it out.

For the occasion Arkitip did not only release their latest issue. It actually came in a box set, which consisted of the magazine and also a 3D Viewer with slides of all the artwork that was also presented at the exhibition. The box set is now on sale for 45 USD here.

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