From the ground up

Celebrating their 5th anniversary, Limited Edition Singapore got together with New Balance to collaborate on the 577. The outcome of the project is not only a beautiful sneaker, but the details and boxset are the striking feature of this collaboration.
“As you mentioned we simply used the Vault store as the inspiration for the shoe. We chose the 577 silhouette and wanted to keep it simple, classy and understated. So besides using the colours represented by our store, we chose a full premium leather upper rather than a concoction of different materials on one shoe, as has been the recent trend. To give the shoe a bit of our identity we added some touches like 2 sets of “Vault” lace locks, one in gold and a silver version. We also have an insole print which was designed by Moritz Kofler who hails from Germany and mimics the “Bank Vault” handles of the store. This same graphic is used for the box.
Yeah, while the shoe was kept simple we decided to be very unique and extravagant with the packaging. The box is also totally inspired by the store. Firstly the hard metallic silver finish represents the “Vault door”. The velvet inner lining of the box matches the velvet walls that adorn our store. Lastly the combination lock is a play on the fact that you do not have easy access to the “Vault” and reminds you that you are purchasing something very exclusive. The combination for each box will match the serial number of each shoe.” Via Sneaker Freaker.
Overall the sneakers are limited to 140 pieces, each individually numbered on the inside of the tongue.
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